IrrSolid - Game Framework

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  • Configurable
  • Cross-platform (Windows and Linux)
  • simple XNA Style (load, update unload);
  • Global static variables
  • Help Macros
  • Optimized Randomizer Class
  • Task scheduler
  • SPARK particle engine
  • OpenGL native function calls (integrated with irrlicht)
  • Abstract Audio Manager (with following supported engines:)
  •    irrKlang
  •    cAudio
  • Code::Blocks  project files (with the build target for the following OS:) 
  •    Win32  (Debug/Release)
  •    Linux   (Debug/Release)
  • Physics Libraries:
  •    ODE (Open Dynamics Engine)
  •    Bullet



Future Features:

  • Audiere as audio engine supported by Abstract Audio manager (maybe)
  • AI basic classes (maybe)
  • Abstract Physics interface (maybe) 
  • More..


Recent Changes:

  • Dropped SDL support (causing conflict with OpenAL)
  • Improved Audio drivers (more features)
  • Added ISoundSource class.
  • Changed Project configuration.
  • IrrSolid is full integrated with your project until 0.2.0 will be released.
  • Fixed a wrong compiler directive that prevent IrrKlang from being used.
  • Inlined Random numbers.
  • Thread safety control added. If you compile a IrrSolid.dll file.
  • Now only 1 IrrSolid game can be runned if you use a IrrSolid.dll.
  • Designed the new physics interface.







Setup your IrrSolid project with Code::blocks




Impostare il tuo progetto di IrrSolid con Code::blocks




















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